ars-imago lives and breathes analogue photography
ars-imago was born in 2009, at a time when analog photography seemed to be at a standstill. Our choice, even at that time, was against the trend. Adopting a kind of resistance to the digital frenzy, we looked at photography as a handcrafted, reasoned and conscious process.
Today we work to remember that photography is first and foremost matter, to be held in one's hand, flipped through an album, hung in a frame, or jealously preserved in a wallet. We have always believed in the extraordinary value of a photograph, and it is from this that we have built our work and our identity.
We work to make the entire traditional photographic journey simple to accessible, and we strive to give you a unique and personal experience with respect to the way you do photography. This is because, first and foremost, we are photographers.
We are intimately familiar with the techniques and tools of shooting, the characteristics of film, and the finish of photographic printing paper. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we are ready to help you on everything you need in your work. For more than fifteen years at ars-imago you will find all the latest in traditional photography. Darkroom equipment, exhibitions and events, used photography, workshops and laboratories. This is because ars-imago is more than a store, it is a workshop, cultural and professional space that rests its foundation on our commitment to photography.

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