In addition to the analog service, we do also offer colo and black and white film scanning service for 135/120 format, starting July 2023!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Developing & scan service of ECN-2 film!

The cinematographic films will be developed with the original ECN-2 process to achieve the highest quality of output.

Price list and scanning service request form




All the development process is completely analogic. From chemical development to enlargement and printing, all is made in an analogic way. The printing is made on Fuji Crystal Archive - RA-4 process - chemical paper, and it's possible to choose between glossy and satin surface. No scan or digital procedures are made.

Download the DEVELOPING form here:

Download the PRINTING form here: 


As above, the whole procedure is totally analogic. The printing is made on resin-coated Ilford Multigrade RC Express paper. Professional resin-coated prints are made on Ilford Multigrade MGIV RC De Luxe paper, and it's possible to choose between glossy or pearl surface. The fiber-based professional prints are made on Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone MGFBWT lucida (is it of course possible to ask for an estimate price for prints on different types and surfaces of papers). Professional resin-coated and fiber-based prints are made through an enlarger, so it's possible to require, if needed, general notes for the printer such as variations in framing.

Download the DEVELOPING form here:

Download the PRINTING form here: 


All these processes happen twice a week outside of our store.
We send the film out to be developed and printed every Tuesday and Friday at 4:30PM.
The orders will be ready within approx. 4 working days since the moment we send them out to the lab*.
To recollect your order within the same week**, make sure you drop them by Tuesday before 4PM!

* extraordinary shipments can be made if requested by the customer: their additional cost will be added to the one of the required service.

** Delivery back to the customer times may variate based on the quantity of films collected in the week and on the type of processes that are requested by customers. If there is a delay, we'll communicate it via email asap.


1. Fill in the request form
Fill in the request form in all its parts, inserting your data, email, phone number and postal address. Indicate the process you request for each roll. Pick the payment method and the type of shipment you prefer. For positive film please indicate whether you want it processed through E-6 process or C-41 Cross Process.

2. Sending the film out
Send the filled in form in the package to the following address:

ars-imago international s.r.l.
Via Caio Mario 25
00192 Roma

Make sure you write "Film Development" on the package.

3. Film development
When we receive the film package with the complete form, a recap email will be sent out, specifying the amount to be payed. The films will be sent out to the lab for the development following the previously specified calendar.

4. Developed film shipment
Once the film is delivered they'll be shipped out with the selected shipment method, via courier or with your next order. It's possible to collect the developed films in our Rome store. This last possibility is available only if the order is correctly payed.

No scan or digital processes are made.


The developing and printing service is exclusively ANALOG, involves processing done manually and/or with automated machinery to ensure a high quality result and professional rather than amateur service.

In case of loss of films or damage to the rolls, ars-imago will provide a refund limited to the cost of processing and the value of the blank films.

Processing of special value, should be noted in writing or indicated on the processing form completion. Should the owner of the films wish to insure the material, he/she must bear the cost at his/her own expense. In case of failure to report or communicate, the value of the material delivered will be equated with that of a blank film of the same type and brand.

For every kind of info please write at:!

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